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At Spectrum Fusion we are making the world a better place for individuals on the autism spectrum


Dr. Heidi Stieglitz Ham earned a Ph.D. in Psychology, specializing in autism, from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. She has worked with individuals with autism and their families, in the United States, United Kingdom, Nigeria, and Australia. In 2006, she envisioned a community where individuals with autism could develop a sense of belonging and find their purpose.

We are proud to announce that Spectrum Fusion is a charitable organization dedicated to creating exciting programs and developing communities for adults with autism in Houston, Texas.

At Spectrum Fusion, we are improving the possibilities for individuals with autism. Partnering with universities, organizations, parents, employers, innovators, entrepreneurs and business experts, we are are changing lives and changing outcomes of adults with autism. Together, we are generating novel and innovative opportunities, which will allow these individuals to use their skills, interests, and strengths so that they may reach their full potential. 


A Bold Mission

We are making the world a better place for adults with autism. This is a bold statement, but we believe it is possible.

We are ready to rise to the challenge. We are determined to work together as a community, city, country, and even the world, to make this a reality.



Humans do not fare well living isolated and lonely lives, and loneliness has been associated with many negative outcomes. Adults on the autism spectrum often share that they feel lonely, and this is something that often surprises people who are not on the spectrum. Many adults on the autism spectrum also express that they often feel misunderstood and this leads to isolation. For many, they have tried to 'fit in' but they desire to be accepted by society for who they are and what they can offer the world. 

It is important for adults to have the freedom to be themselves, and foster environments where they can explore their strengths and interests.

Researchers have found that the best way to foster belonging is to have consistent positive frequent contact with the same people, and these contacts need to have a general feel of care and concern for the well being of one another.

Everybody wants to belong, to connect with others, and to be understood. Through published autobiographies of individuals with autism, it is clear that that people with autism have the same desire for connecting with others, and that they can feel just as lonely as anybody else. 

Social belonging is the sense of being connected and having positive relationships with others and belonging is a basic human need.

Belonging is a key component of Spectrum Fusion because it sets the foundation and increases the likelihood that individuals will move on to finding meaningful engagement and finding their purpose.


For many adults on the autism spectrum, the journey through adolescence to adulthood is challenging. After graduating from high school, many of these young adults continue to live at home, and planning for the future may be daunting and overwhelming.

Although adults on the autism spectrum may have hopes for the future, just like all of us, they may not have the strategies, coping mechanisms, necessary skills, supports, or finances required to make any progress towards their goals. Months soon turn to years, and these grown adults continue to live with their parents, 'stuck' in their current situations. 

At Spectrum Fusion, all of our programs are developed from our mission to make the world a better place for adults with autism. Whether this is educating and coaching potential employers who may hire adults with autism, or in providing a safe haven where these adults may develop self-confidence to try new things and embark upon new experiences, or by providing education and training so that they are learn the necessary skill sets for their chosen field, our primary aim is that these individuals will realize progress in their everyday lives.

We also understand that providing opportunities without a plan is not enough. For this reason, we collaborate with team members, including health care professionals and other organizations serving individuals on the spectrum, to ensure that these individuals have all of the support necessary to continue along their path to progress. We also collaborate with business experts and entrepreneurs to brainstorm about new opportunities for these individuals. This philosophy led to the development of a new program called The Reactor Room.  

Community and Collaboration

Spectrum Fusion is a ‘living community’ and this is a distinctively different concept than a residential facility; although people will live here, this is not a housing project or a group home. To create a sense of an authentic community, we are including individuals with autism and their families, as well as those without autism. At Spectrum Fusion, we believe that the best way to foster belonging and purpose is through the development of an authentic living community. To see the change that we desire to be, we must collaborate, and our core value is possessing a spirit of collaboration.  To learn more about living community, follow the link below.

Our Core Value


Spectrum Fusion is designed to improve the quality of lives of individuals with autism, not only by raising awareness, but also through harnessing the power and the energy of collaboration and community engagement. This transformation of lives for adults with autism is only realized through the collaboration of all available programs and resources in Houston. There is not one organization that can meet all of the needs of the adolescents and adults on the autism spectrum.

At Spectrum Fusion we are collaborating and working across organizations already serving adults on the spectrum. We are bringing together the best programs to serve our families.

We are the 'Fusion' in Spectrum Fusion

‘Fusion’ is the fusing of two or more lighter atoms into a larger one, and fusion occurs in the stars, including the sun.

Nuclear fusion is what creates and sustains the immense energy of the sun. However, this amount of energy requires a significant input of power to initiate the chain reaction required for fusion. This concept of fusion applies to our efforts of improving the lives of individuals with autism in Houston. We all have to invest our energy and the best that we have to give, to create this chain reaction.