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Smashing Stereotypes of Adults on the Autism Spectrum


Adults on the autism spectrum are as individual as we all are. Yes, there are characteristics that have led to a diagnosis of autism, but there are still many stereotypes about what an adult with autism 'looks like' and what sorts of ways they can participate in society. 

The predominant stereotype is that individuals on the spectrum are tech-savvy and excel in math and sciences. Although we have some individuals who 'fit' this stereotype, there are many others who are not oriented towards the sciences, but rather are creative and enjoy drawing, music, theater, and dance. While others have not found their niche and are wondering why they don't seem to have a 'special' talent. 

Often, these individuals struggle with social anxiety and they may have low self-confidence and low-self esteem after trying to 'fit-in' to traditional approaches that have not worked for them.

Individuals with autism deserve a chance to contribute to society in a way that suits their personal and particular styles and meets their needs, but this requires a team of creative and innovative professionals to bring strategic approaches to this unique population; including breaking through traditional barriers to develop new opportunities for these adults.

In The Reactor Room, we are smashing stereotypes and breaking down barriers of adults on the autism spectrum in Houston, Texas. 
— Dr Heidi Stieglitz Ham