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Introducing Harvey (on the left) and Glenn (on the right)

Introducing Harvey (on the left) and Glenn (on the right)


It all started when…

Glenn called the Texas Autism Society to ask for organizations that may help his friend, Harvey. 

Spectrum Fusion is raising awareness of the living conditions of Glenn and Harvey, two men living in Old Town Spring who are in immediate need of assistance.

Harvey is a very bright and intelligent adult who has many characteristics of Aspergers, but has not received an official diagnosis. Harvey has been let down by society, and he is essentially homeless.

Glenn, is a disabled veteran who is also caring for 5 dogs with various medical needs of their own. Glenn has made it his mission to protect Harvey and ensure his wellbeing, but he can no longer provide the necessary attention needed due to several health conditions making it nearly impossible for him to function on a day-to-day basis. Of these conditions, most require hospitalizations for which he will require downtime to recover.

Funds collected will help us to get Glenn back on his feet and help Harvey to attain the resources. Physical help is also appreciated for mowing the lawn and carrying out a variety of daily tasks.