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I Know Someone Who...

The idea of the Reactor Room was first launched at Spectrum Fusion Perth in Western Australia. Reaching out through video and social media, we began to make connections with the greater community to enlist their support and collaborate with other not-for-profit organizations.  


In the Reactor Room, our teams create 'fusion' through intense collaborative brainstorming. These teams share all of their available resources and connections to create opportunities for these amazing individuals. 

For example, if an individual is not ready for a college or training course, but they have an interest and/or emerging talent for video production - let's find a way to develop this talent! Using our connections, somebody will connect with film school or and find a tutor to assess the individual's level and work with them 1:1. This may lead to their ability to take on small projects and even to attend a course in the future. 

The possibilities are limitless.

What is the best way to create radical change? Be the change. We might feel that we need specialized degrees or years of experience working with adults with autism in order to come forward to help. However, we have the autism specialists on board, and are now reaching out to the community.

We all feel the need to make progress in our lives. Whether it is progress in our personal relationships, career, or in our areas of interests, we want to see that we are moving ahead. This is important for adults on the autism spectrum as well.

The Reactor Room teams and partners are there for our adults every step of the way even after a connection or an opportunity has been made. We work together as a team to ensure that the individuals are provided with the best support available. Not only is the individual afforded opportunities, but they are supported throughout the process to manage anxiety, expectations, and other issues that may affect their outcomes, to create the progress that they desire.