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Reactor Room Participant Followup: Ross Rubin

As we continue to work towards the next reactor room event, it’s time we took a look at another one of our Reactor Room participants. This time, we’re taking a look at Ross Rubin. Ross is a 39 year old who’s previously worked at other organizations, working with computers. Ross previously was looking for work in IT or in a server room, but in addition to keeping a job, he also wanted to pursue his other passions.


After joining Spectrum Fusion, it was decided that, where finding work with computers had stalled, Ross should focus more on trying to work with his true passion. Ross is a tinker, and has previously attempted to work with building things in miniature, and building replica models of movie props. It’s this love of tinkering that led Ross to try his hand at becoming an inventor.


At the Reactor Room, Ross proposed his idea for a new invention. He brought numerous sketches and drawings of what he envisioned his invention should look like, as well as a prototype of the invention that he’d had 3D printed by Brian Heiman of Imaginet. This invention idea was so well received, that many of our activators expressed interest in helping him bring his new invention idea to reality.


Unfortunately, the invention itself and much of the circumstances surrounding it is tied up in non-disclosure agreements and cannot be described in depth here. However, that mere fact should highlight just how promising of an idea Ross has on his hands if enough people would potentially like to develop it for themselves.


What is also promising is the fact that Ross has since managed to meet with many professionals in the industry. Ross has met with numerous contacts who have all been able to help him work closer towards his goal of bringing his product to fruition. This is big news for Ross because before this point he always felt nervous talking to people and has always preferred to be alone. Now Ross is holding skype meetings, following up on connections and leads, and meeting people on social media in his endeavors to bring his product to life. He’s expressed that he’s been delighted with how much progress he’s made and how many people he’s met that have been willing to help him further bring his ideas into reality, and that, where before he felt desperate and anxious about his future, he now feels much more secure and confident about what is to come. Ross says that he’s been incredibly pleased to meet with so many people and that it’s really helped him to further develop his social and business skills.


Ross is investigating his options in terms of selling his license vs. partnering with an organization with whom he can white label the product. There will be much more to cover about Ross and his invention once it is on the market and we can safely write more about it. Until then, we wish Ross all the best with his invention and as he continues to move forward!


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