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How Does The Reactor Room Program Work?



New Possibilities

The Reactor Room is a ’call-to-action‘ and it was borne of the vision and mission of Spectrum Fusion.

The purpose of the Reactor Room is to improve the possibilities for adults with autism, and their families, by generating novel solutions for adults on the autism spectrum who may be ’stuck‘ in their current situations and unable to use their skills, interests, or strengths to their full potential.

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Reactor Room Program Teams

Life-changing ideas are the result of brainstorming and collaboration powered by teams of bold and innovative individuals from all walks of life. We bring the best that Houston has to offer, for the brightest future for adults on the autism spectrum.

We are a team of business experts, entrepreneurs, community connectors, therapists, and health care professionals.



Pathways to Progress

These individuals may require unique strategies to sort through the complexities of adult life, and explore pathways to achieve meaningful progress in their lives.

Positive outcomes of the Reactor Room include experiences for these individuals to gain exposure in their areas of interests or strengths by shadowing a professional in their desired career, access to business and marketing experts for product development, employment opportunities and scaffolding for business proposals, and volunteer experiences.